Fair: <a href="/fair/projects/list/801" title="Display list of all fair projects">2022 Mercer Science and Engineering Fair</a>
Event: Senior Division 2022
Event: Senior Division 2022
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BEHAV1 The effects of external variables on the likelihood of athletes to report concussion symptoms
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, APA Outstanding Research, First Place
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BEHAV2 Evaluating the Extent to which Social Media Affects the Lifestyle Decisions of Millennials and Gen Z'ers Quad Chart - Aliza Manekia.png
BEHAV3 How Does the Brain See the World - Decoding Visual Stimulus Using fMRI
Awards: Honorable Mention
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BEHAV4 Early Detection of Mental Disorder via Social Media Posts Using Deep Learning Models
Awards: Second Place
COMP1 RARE: Machine Learning Approach for Binning Rare Variant Features to Detect Association with Disease
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, First Place, Grand Prize
COMP2 DeepLPI: a novel deep learning-based model for protein-ligand interaction prediction for drug repurposing Bomin_Wei_QuadChart.jpg
COMP3 Seeing More Clearly: A Video Stabilizer using CNN with Speeded-up Robust features Quad Chart.jpg
COMP4 Auto Attendance: A Mobile App for Automatic Attendance Taking and Rapid Contact Tracing
Awards: Third Place
Amy Lin - Auto Attendance Quad Chart.jpg
COMP5 Study on the Denoising of Sounds and Images Capture.PNG
COMP6 Training Neural Networks with a Genetic Algorithm for Obstacle Avoidance in Simulated Autonomous Drones
Awards: Naval Science Award, Second Place
COMP7 High Accuracy Seasonal Hurricane Intensity Prediction Using Outgoing Longwave Radiation Maps
Awards: NASA Earth System Science Award, NOAA's "Taking the Pulse of the Planet" Award, RICOH Sustainable Development Award, Second Place
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COMP8 Analysis of semantics and early linguistic symptoms to develop machine learning predictive modeling of Alzheimer's Disease
Awards: Honorable Mention
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COMP9 Design and review on applying the neural network to the abandoned bike report system CC715738-EFF9-43D5-82BC-12B5666CCD54.jpeg
ENERG1 Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction: Flettner Vortex Scrubber with Active Seakeeping
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Naval Science Award, First Place, First runner up
Charlotte Michaluk MSEF 2022 Quad Chart.jpg
ENG1 An adaptive grabber with the ability to actively switch between accurate grabbing and compliant grabbing
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Second Place
ENG2 Desalination and Purification of Water using a Solar Powered Hydrogel Multistage
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, NJ Water Environment Association (NJWEA), Stockholm Junior Water Prize, First Place, Second runner up
ENG3 Utilizing Color Sensors and Urinary Collection Bags as a Warning System for Hematuria
Awards: Honorable Mention
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ENV1 Mechanism to Test Soil Fertility and Moisture in Small- and Family Owned-Farms
Awards: Second Place
ENV2 Increasing Efficiency of Personal Gas Conversion System for Rural Homes
Awards: Honorable Mention
Fukiwara_Edward_methan generation efficiency.jpg
ENV3 Using Mathematical Modeling Tackling the Drought quad chart.jpg
ENV5 Conversion of Atmospheric CO2 to Solid Carbon: A Climate Change Mitigation Strategy
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Stockholm Junior Water Prize, First Place
Shrey Khetan Quad Chart.jpg
ENV6 Modeling and Mitigating Infection Risks of COVID-19 in Aircraft Cabins
Awards: Third Place
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MATH1 A Novel, Simple, Accurate Method For Experimental Determination of Thermal Diffusivity: Measure 9 Types of Foods
Awards: Honorable Mention
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MATH2 Study on the Geometric Properties in the Cevasix Triangle
Awards: Second Place, YSEA Science Fair Award
Quad Chart - cevasix triangle.jpg
MATH3 Non-existence of the Algorithm that can Obtain the Optimal Solution for a Few Given Options of Investment in Constructive Mathematics
Awards: Third Place
MED1 A Computational Approach to Identify Small Molecules Interact with the Crystal Structure of Programmed Cell Death Protein 1 as Potential Therapeutics for Cancer Immunotherapy
Awards: Third Place
Hubert Chen_PD1_Research_Quad Chart.jpg
MED10 Prophages present in Acinetobacter pittii influence bacterial virulence, antibiotic resistance, and genomic structure
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, First Place, Second runner up, 1st Place
MED10 Treating Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma Using HLA Class I Molecule Deficient Anti CD19 CAR-NK Cells
Awards: Honorable Mention
MED2 Drug Repositioning Ketamine as a New Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Using Text Mining
Awards: Honorable Mention
Drug Repositioning Ketamine as a New Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Using Text Mining-final.png
MED3 Gene Network Analysis of DIO2 and Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy
Awards: Honorable Mention
 2022-01-19 오후 2.15.54.png
MED4 Imbalances in Copper or Zinc Trigger Further Trace Metal Dyshomeostasis in Amyloid-Beta Producing Caenorhabditis elegans
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, Earle S. Rommel Communications Award, First Place
JPEG Quad Chart for Alzheimer's Research.png
MED6 Safe Distance of Viruses - Quantitative Analysis the Trajectory of Pathogen Containing Droplets in Respiratory Airways
Awards: Third Place
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MED7 Role of Cancer Associated Fibroblast Heterogeneity on Immunotherapuetic Potentials of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Awards: Second Place
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MED8 GlioBLAST: Establishing Prognosis and Targeted Therapy for Glioblastoma by Applying Convolutional Neural Networks to Detect Histological Features, Molecular Subtypes, MGMT Methylation, and EGFR Amplification from Brain-Biopsy Whole-Slide Images
Awards: Air Force Research Laboratory Award, First Place
MSEF Quadchart_Bhushan Mohanraj.png
MED9 Toxicological Assessment of Medicinal Herbs to Identify Adverse Effects on Eukaryotic Cells
Awards: Second Place
Julius Verma Quad Chart.png