ISEF Forms

If you hit this page then you may need to be dealing with the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) forms.

The ISEF forms are required for the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair in the Junior and Senior divisions. 

They are not required for other competitions like the Robot Design competition.

The blank ISEF Forms (PDFs) are available on the ISEF website. The ISEF Rules Wizard can be used to determine what forms are required for a particular project.

ISEF/BroadcomAll projects must provide forms 1, 1a and 1b (*) along with a detailed research plan. All participants must provide an abstract as well.

  • Form 1 * - Adult and Student Checklist
  • Form 1a * - Student Checklist
  • Form 1b * - Project Approval
  • Form 1c - Regulated Research Institution
  • Form 2 - Qualified Scientist
  • Form 3 - Risk Assesment
  • Form 4 - Human Subjects
  • Consent Form (requires Form 4)
  • Form 5a - Vertebrate Animal
  • Form 5b - Vertebrate Animal research at Regulated Research Institution (requires Form 1c)
  • Form 6a - Potentially hazardous biological agents
  • Form 6b - Human, Vertabrate or Animal Tissue study
  • Form 7 - Project Continuation

As a reminder, most of these forms need to be filled in and signed BEFORE research and experimentation begin. Some are completed after this point. Please read the ISEF Rules for details.