Project display board

Project display boards are only used for in-person events. Online events will require slide presentations.

The typical display board is three feet high and four feet wide. Larger boards are possible as long as they fit in the allowed space that four feet wide and 30-in deep. The maximum height include the provided table is 78-in. The display should not include any restricted items.

Your display board should include your title. The title may be different than the one you registered with but the information provided online will be used when announcing any awards.

The display board or presentation typically includes the following information:

  • Hypothesis
  • Data
  • Analysis
  • Abstract (see below), may be displayed seperately

Other items that are sometimes included:

  • Procedures
  • Materials
  • Future plans

The ISEF abstract form MUST be used by Senior division students. There should not be an abstract section on the display board. Only the ISEF abstract form may be used.

Junior division students are strongly recommended to use the ISEF abstract form. Elementary division students are encouraged to use the ISEF abstract form. Junior and Elementary students can display the ISEF abstract in addition to an abstract section on their display since their projects are often completed before they enter the Mercer Science and Engineering Fair.