Dealing with ISEF Forms

ISEF FairsThe annual Mercer Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF) is affiliated with the Broadcom Master Competition and the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) so we have additional rules for our competitions that are related to these organization. This includes the use of ISEF forms as part of your application.

NOTE: If your event you will be competing in is not MSEF, such as our Robot Design Competition, then you DO NOT need to use the ISEF forms. However, if you plan on competing in an ISEF-related event like MSEF you will want to start using the ISEF forms before working on your projects. Projects can be submitted to different competitions although you will only be able to compete in on ISEF or Broadcom Masters competition per year.

There are many ISEF forms but most projects only need a few. Follow these steps to determine what forms you will need.

  1. Determine what ISEF Forms are required using the ISEF Rules Wizard
  2. Download the blank ISEF forms , complete and sign in the ISEF forms
  3. Precertification based on research plan (optional)

Keep in mind that you should be doing this BEFORE EXPERIMENTATION. Most of the forms need to be signed before you start.

Copies of these forms will uploaded as part of the online registration process.