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Event: Junior Division 2023
Event: Junior Division 2023
Table Project Display Board
1 Sunlight, Salt Water & Solar Desalination – the effect container color may have on seawater desalination rates Screenshot (3).png
10 A Tsunami Study: The Effect of Water Depth on Wave Velocity Anamitra Quad Chart- 2023.jpg
11 An application to predict Traumatic Brain Injuries through analyzing variations of patterns in temperature. Dattatri, Amogh, Predicting Traumatic Brain Injury and Alerting Emergency Contacts.pdf
12 Magnetic Radishes- The Effect of Magnetism on the Height of Radishes 9468AB66-F8FB-42CE-9E21-4333FBDCBD8D.jpeg
13 The Impact of Different Fabrics and the Resistance to Mosquitoes: Which Types of Fabrics Let Mosquitoes Go Through? Olivia Ahn Quad Chart.png
14 How does the temperature of the oven affect the weight of a cupcake. Brown Aesthetic 2023 Desktop Wallpaper.png
15 Does the material used in a circuit affect the voltage of an electric current? Quad chart - Aiden Dutt Science Fair_0.jpg
16 How does salinity of water affect boiling time? 2023 Quad Chart - Vinay Batra.pdf
17 How does the amount of heat affect the time it takes water to boil? Bea's quad chart .jpg
18 The Effect of the different pH levels on the tensile strength of a piece of cardstock Amrritha Quad chart .png
2 The Effect of Relative Position on Decibel Readout 3FF81ACA-D05E-484D-80B7-7B76A549B7E5.jpeg
3 The Gauss Rifle gauss_rifle.jpeg
4 The Effect of Oxygen on the HOTHANDS Hand Warmer's Temperature MSEF Robert Wei Quad Chart.jpg
6 The Effect of type of wax on a candle's melting time. IMG_2459 (1).jpg
7 The Effect of Pesticide on Plant Development and Growth Sadie's Quad chart -2023.jpg
8 Road Sign Recognition: Using Machine Learning to Spot Road Signs Adhya Abi - Quad chart 2023.png
9 Paper Towel Absorbency of Olive Oil Pic of Raj Poster Board.jpg
Event: Senior Division 2023
Event: Senior Division 2023
Table Project Display Board
BEHAV1 Women on the Chopping Block? Gender Dynamics on Popular Kids Cooking Competition Shows and in the Culinary Profession msef poster.png
CHEM1 Engineering novel functional bread through fortification with quercetin nanoparticles QuadChart-WHuang-final.png
CHEM2 Scrubs with Bugs: Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Foaming Properties of Soaps Made with Sustainable Oils Gonzalez-MSEFQuad copy.jpg
COMP1 DeepLPI: a novel deep learning-based model for protein–ligand interaction prediction for drug repurposing QuadChart.png
COMP2 Understanding Dog Behavior through Visual and Aural Sensing Using Deep Learning quadchart_Understanding Dog Behavior through Visual and Aural Sensing Using Deep Learning.jpg
ENG1 The implementation of an augmented reality display and a virtual reality controller on glasses QuadChart.JPG
ENG2 Autonomous Soccer Robot IMG_1232 (1).jpg
ENG3 Standing Mobility Device for People with Lower Limb Difficulties SMD Quad Chart.jpg
ENG4 Developing a Soft Robot Inspired by Octopuses for Efficient Ladder Climbing ISEF - QuadChart.png
ENG6 Innovative Climate Change Emissions Reduction Charlotte Michaluk - Quad Chart.png
ENV2 Catalytic Carbon Capture: a Low-cost Climate Change Mitigation Strategy Shrey Khetan Quad Chart.png
ENV3 A Novel Method to Accelerate the Degradation Rate of Plant-based Tableware Using Compost Tea Discussion.png
MATH1 The Physics Behind Cooking Intelligence Quad Chart - Physics of Cooking Intelligence.jpg
MATH2 Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic Approach of Infertility in Chinese Traditional Medicine Quad Chart-Jack Zheng.png
MATH3 Strict Inequalities for the n-crossing Number Quad Chart.jpg
MATH7 Nonexistence of a Universal Algorithm for Investment Problems in Constructive Mathematics Quad Chart.png
MATH8 Using Gaia DR3 to Calibrate Cepheid Star Luminosity to Give Confidence to the Cosmic Distance Ladder Quad Chart - MSEF - Chris Joseph_Page_1.png
MED1 Melanin in Interstellar space Melanin and its connection to Earth.pptx_.jpg
MED10 Monitoring The Changes in Oxygen Levels in Different Exercises QuadChart1.png
MED11 CodOpt: Enhancing Drug and Vaccine Development by Using Deep Learning and Natural-Language Processing to Optimize Recombinant Codon Sequences via a Host-Independent Data Pipeline MSEF-Quad-Chart-Bhushan-Mohanraj.png
MED12 Effects of Aluminum Nitrate on C-elegans Quad Chart.png
MED2 The Genetic Inheritance Basis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus abstract.png
MED5 Role of S309-CAR-NK in Neutralizing SARS-CoV2 Screen Shot 2023-03-11 at 2.31.41 PM.png
MED6 Biochemical Nanosensor Networks for Accurate Injury Detection 2023 Quad Chart -  Lawrence He.jpg
MED7 Burn the Worm: Advancing Manduca Sexta as a New Model for Skin Injury and Infection
MED8 Prospects for Brain Computer Interfaces: Neuralink Versus Stentrode Quad Chart.jpg
MED9 The Effect of Diet on the Lifespan of eat-2, daf-16 and Wildtype C. Elegans QuadChart2.png
PLANT1 Combating the Effect of Global Warming on Plants through Photosynthesis Selection Untitled presentation.jpg
PLANT2 Mealworm frass as fertilizer: growth outcomes in Brassica rapa Quad Chart- Katherine Monroe.png
PLANT3 The Effectiveness of Neem Oil and Beneficial Nematode Treatments on the Growth of Early Vegetative State Soybean Plants MSEF QuadChart.jpg